DateNov 1, 2017 - Nov 1, 2018
Certificate75% of quiz marks
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Master the art of broken file retrieval using the instruments and technique developed by world-renowned expert Dr. Yoshi Terauchi.  The step-by-step format of this course guides the practitioner through a successful file retrieval procedure using a PowerPoint PDF accessible manual illustrating canal preparation, use of ultrasonic tips, gutta percha penetration and removal instruments, and the “Yoshi Loop,” a revolutionary mico-lasso that allows unparalleled access to broken files in narrow and curved canals.

This online TFRK course qualifies for 8 CE home study credits.

Section 1Rationale for Retrieval
Lecture 1Rationale for Retrieval
Section Quiz
Section 2File Breakology
Lecture 2File Breakology
Section Quiz
Section 3Analysis of Retrieval Difficulty
Lecture 3Analysis of Retrieval Difficulty
Section Quiz
Section 4Terauchi File Retrieval Technique
Lecture 4Terauchi File Retrieval Technique
Section Quiz
Section 5Retrieval Tools and Techniques
Lecture 5Retrieval Tools and Techniques
Section Quiz
Section 6Difficult Cases
Lecture 6Difficult Cases
Section Quiz