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Dental Xray
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The Terauchi File Retrieval Method

Instructors: Drs. L. Stephen Buchanan and Yoshi Terauchi
Course Type: Remote Hands-On
CE Units: 8 Self-Instruction, optional 2 Participation
Learning Method: Video
Grading Method: Quiz (75% or higher), optional Hands-On Exercises
Course Summary
Learn predictable and minimally invasive techniques to retrieve a broken endodontic file using the Terauchi File Retrieval Method, minimizing dentin sacrifice and maximizing success. This course is available for purchase with or without a Terauchi File Retrieval Kit. Participants will learn:
  • Rational for Retrieval
    • When to retrieve or leave a broken file segment
  • File Breakology
    • Why files come apart during use
    • How to avoid file failure
  • Analysis of Retrieval Difficulty
    • Understanding of situational retrieval difficulties to increase successful retrieval efforts
  • Retrieval Tools
    • The latest advances in micro-tooling to aid file retrieval
  • Terauchi File Retrieval Method
    • Dr. Yoshi Terauchi’s step-by-step method to retrieve broken files, predictably and successfully
  • Difficult Case Management
    • Techniques and tips to treat difficult cases
    • Retrieval of files beyond the end of the root canal
Call 805-899-4529 or email [email protected] for additional information on the Terauchi File Retrieval Method.


Endodontic Assisting
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The Art of Endodontic Assisting

InstructorKatie Dettamanti, RDA
Course Type: Remote Hands-On
CE Units: 6 Self-Instruction, 2 Participation
Learning Method: E-Textbook, Video
Grading Method: Quiz (75% or higher) and Hands-On Exercises
Price: $95

Course Summary

Learn essential skills and hands-on procedural techniques for endodontics assisting while learning at your own pace, from the comfort of your office.

Participants will learn:

  • Endodontic assisting from patient intake, treatment, and post-operative care;
  • The latest technology and techniques in endodontic assisting; and
  • How to prepare for predictable and smooth patient care and office organization with included easy-to-use charts, forms, and materials.

Call 805-899-4529 or email [email protected] for additional information.