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Molar’s Only Course – September 21, 2019

Course Description

Date: September 21, 2019 Instructor: Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan
Course Type: Hands-On
CE Units: 8 Participation, 2 optional Self-Test
Price: $1100; $900 when taken with Art of Endo: Sept. 19-20*

This rigorous hands-on course builds upon fundamental endodontic techniques to prepare the clinician for advanced understanding and treatment of complex molar anatomy.  Upon completion, the clinician should understand:

  • Diagnosis and pain management
  • Solutions for addressing common RCT challenges and failures
  • How to treat calcified molars without the aid of dynamic guidance
  • Techniques to find and treat elusive MB canals, and how to work around impediments
  • Methods to become more proficient in molar obturation
  • Expanded mastery of increasingly difficult endodontic challenges using TrueTooth anatomically precise teeth
  • Full immersion into the treatment of complex molar anatomy
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