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Katie Dettamanti, RDA

Katie originally began working in the dental field as a receptionist while in high school. With her passion for patient comfort and care, she quickly found herself assisting clinically. After two years, she petitioned the state dental board of California to obtain her Registered Dental Assisting (RDA) license. Since obtaining this certification, Katie has continued to expand her procedural knowledge and functions through continuing education.

Katie began working at DELabs as Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan’s clinical dental assistant before becoming Dr. Buchanan’s Executive Assistant and coordinating his international and domestic lecture schedule.

With her knowledge in both administrative and clinical portions of general dentistry and endodontics, Katie is the director of DELabs Academy continuing education program, and the Vice President of DELabs brand development.

When Katie is not working, she is a full-time law student. She enjoys spending her free time with her husband, Mario, and two dogs, Jasper and Bear, at their home in the Santa Ynez Valley.