Endodontic innovation occurs through incremental changes to fundamental techniques. Occasionally, disruptive technology intersects the paradigm and creates inflection points that dramatically improve root canal treatment efficacy and forever raise the standard of patient care.

This presentation centers around new technology in endodontics including Minimally-Invasive Endodontic (MIE) concepts and techniques, showing how they affect access cavity design and convenience form. New rotary instrumentation presented will allow attendees to achieve and understand the primary objective of shaping procedures: to cut minimally to allow for ideal irrigation and obturation, cleaning canals solely with irrigation, with emphasis on innovative activation strategies and equipment. Attendees will learn carrier-based obturation techniques and how to successfully fill the most complex root canal systems with the Continuous Wave of Obturation™ technique that eliminates the most onerous aspects of traditional warm gutta-percha condensation methods, and how bio-ceramic sealers are simplifying 3D obturation.

Educational Objectives

The presentation, attendees should be able to:

  • Select and use the most effective tools under MIE principals to minimize loss of structural integrity of the teeth during RCT procedures yet still have the necessary convenience form.
  • Understand the importance of irrigation is to endodontic success and how to overcome hydrodynamic and chemical limitations to irrigation efficacy and effectively clean canals to their full apical and lateral extents.
  • Choose the instruments they use in RCT based on functional characteristics of file design.
  • Explain the efficacy of centered-condensation obturation methods, to understand the strengths and weaknesses of carrier-based vs Continuous Wave Obturation and be able to choose between them for any given canal fill.

For additional information or if you are in need of assistance or further information contact Katie Dettamanti by telephone: 805-899-4529 or email: katie@endobuchanan.com.

This lecture-only course* is appropriate for both general dentists and specialists but will be oriented more towards the experienced technician.
*The instrumentation and materials reviewed will be available on site for evaluation by the participants.

Instructor: Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan, DDS, FICD, FACD