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The Art of Endodontics ULTRA
The Art of Endodontics ULTRA
The Art of Endodontics ULTRA
The Art of Endodontics ULTRA
The Art of Endodontics ULTRA
The Art of Endodontics ULTRA
The Art of Endodontics ULTRA
The Art of Endodontics ULTRA
The Art of Endodontics ULTRA
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  • August 19-20
  • July 15-16
  • September 16-17
  • Oct 28-29


Learn simple techniques for complex endodontic procedures during an intensive hands-on course taught by Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan.

We are excited to launch our NEW hands-on course format. This course covers everything offered in our previous 2-day Art of Endodontics course, PLUS what was covered during our 1-day Molars Only course. See below for more information on schedule, learning objectives, and what comes in your pre-course kit. 


Remote Hands-On Training: Access

Complete this 8-hour pre-course anytime between when you receive your RHOT Access Kit (approximately 5 weeks prior to your course date) & Day 1 of lecture. You’ll practice cutting the perfect Access Cavity in the provided 3D-Printed TrueTooth Training Replicas using the burs, files, and explorers provided. You’ll need to do this from your operatory as you’ll need access to a high-speed handpiece and suction (as well as WiFi to follow along to the videos in our Remote Hands-On Training: Access online course).

Your kit will include:

  1. 18 TrueTooth™ 3D-Printed Training Replicas – transparent and opaque models
  2. DELabs™ DG-16 Endo Explorer
  3. DELabs™ DG-16 Endo Explorer with Bent Ends
  4. LA Axxess™ 2.0 Bur Clip
  5. Traverse™ Orifice Wideners – 4-pack
  6. Precision Irrigator – 3.5” length
  7. ¾” Bendable Tips – 16 Ga. 100-pack
  8. Login information for our Access online course

This material will cover:

  1. The convenient and conservative outline forms for anterior, premolar, and molar access cavities 
  2. The burs and tools that will empower dentists in cutting predictable entry paths to root canal systems 
  3. The occlusal and axial landmarks that clinicians can depend on as north starts as they navigate toward pulp chambers
  4. The decision trees that minimize time and danger when faced with calcified root canal systems

Day 1 (Thursday):

In-person at the DELabs training facility in Santa Barbara, CA 8-5pm with a reception afterward. Students can expect a mixture of demonstration, lecture, and hands-on practice. Topics we will focus on include:

  1. Access—a quick review from your pre-course material – how to create the ideal minimally invasive access form and eliminate cervically positioned curvature
  2. Negotiation—techniques to obtain patency and negotiate difficult canals with impediments
  3. Shaping—file selection methods, crown–down shaping strategies, and apical gauging techniques
  4. Cleaning—the importance of lubricants, irrigants, and chelating agents for negotiation, cleaning efficacy, and smear layer removal
  5. Obturation—the Continuous Wave of Condensation technique and carrier-based obturation

Day 2 (Friday):

In-person at the DELabs training facility in Santa Barbara, CA, 8-5pm. Open lab, hands-on practice, demonstration, and lecture can all be expected. Day 2 topics include:

  1. Diagnosis and pain management
  2. Solutions for addressing common RCT challenges and failures
  3. How to treat calcified molars without the aid of dynamic guidance
  4. Techniques to find and treat elusive MB canals and how to work around impediments
  5. Methods to become more proficient in molar obturation
  6. Expanded mastery of increasingly difficult endodontic challenges using TrueTooth™ anatomically precise teeth
  7. Full immersion into the treatment of complex molar anatomy
CE Participation:

CE Participation 

16 Hands-On Live Participation credits will be awarded upon completion of day 2 in Santa Barbara, CA. An additional 8 self-test units will be awarded upon successful completion of 6 Access Cavities in your 3D printed TrueTooth replicas and passing the Access written test with a score of 70% or higher (all online).

Course Details

Instructor: Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan, DDS, FICD, FACD Dipl. ABE (to learn more about the instructor, click here.) 
Continuing Education Credits: 16 Participation, 8 Self-Test
Course Type: 2-day Hands-On, 1-day Home Study 
Location: Thursday/Friday: DELabs Academy - 1515 State St., Ste. 16, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, Pre-course: Home Study 
Duration: Two-Days, 8 AM - 5 PM, One-day, self-paced anytime before day 1 of lecture
Pre-Course Learning Materials: Online Course: textbook and videos, Remote Hands-On Training Kit with Access tools 

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ADA CERP Recognition Statement

Dr. Buchanan receives royalty income from product inventions sold by Kerr Endodontics, Dentsply Sirona, Obtura Spartan; consulting fees from Kerr Endodontics