Kits begin to ship on January 2, 2023

Welcome to the revolution of endodontic education.

What is DIY/CE?

DIY/CE is a remote hands-on course that includes a complete armementarium kit. DIY/CE allows you to learn how to perform a particular endodontic procedure at your pace, on your time, in your operatory, and with your assistant. If you master an exercise quickly with ease, you can move on to the next exercise whenever you choose; if you struggle through an exercise, you can practice as many times and as often as you'd like.

DIY/CE - The Access Course

Errors tend to accumulate during procedures. That is why early procedural errors are the most devastating to the procedural outcome. Thus, access cavity design and execution can make or break even the simplest root canal treatment.

In this DIY/CE course on Access, you will learn how to design and execute perfect, minimally invasive access cavities in any tooth, every single time.

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You will learn:

    • Convenient and conservative outline forms for anterior, premolar, and molar access cavities
    • How to identify tools that will empower you to cut predictable entry paths to root canal systems
    • Occlusal and axial landmarks that you can depend on as your "north star" to navigate toward the pulp chamber
    • Decision trees that minimize time and danger when faced with calcified root canal systems

The DIY/CE - Access kit includes:

    • 18 TrueTooth 3D-printed training replicas with multiple anatomical variants in transparent and opaque teeth
    • Instruments to perform the indicated exercises: straight DG-16 endo explorer; bent DG-16 endo explorer; burs; bur clip; rotary files; irrigator; and irrigator tips
    • Textbook
    • Access to online course content and test
    • 16 participation CEs and 2 lecture CEs (upon successful completion of the course)
Course Details

Title: DIY/CE - Access
Release Date: January 2, 2023

Course Type: Self-Paced Demonstration and Hands-On; Training
Continuing Education Credits: 16 Participation, 2 Lecture
Learning Methods: Hands-on, self-instruction, demonstration, lecture
Learning Materials: Textbook, online videos, quiz, and hands-on armamentarium kit for pre-course hands-on training

ADA CERP Recognition Statement

Instructor: Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan, DDS, FICD, FACD, Dipl. ABE
Instructor Disclosure: The instructor is a founding partner of PlanB Dental and he receives royalty income from product inventions sold by Kerr Endodontics and Dentsply Sirona.