7:00 Buffet Breakfast

8:00 Session I: MIE Access

  • Designing MIE access cavities with CT-based micro-treatment planning
  • Access burs and ultrasonics
  • Hard tissue laser entry
  • Dynamic Guidance

10:00 Break with snacks in exhibit area

10:30 Session II: MIE Instrumentation and Conefit

  • Shaping Objectives
  • Instrumentation
  • GP cones for MIE conefitting

12:30 Lunch is served in meeting room while we have an MIE case competition

1:30 Session III: MIE Cleaning Tools and Techniques

  • Laser-Cavitated Irrigation (LCI) with YSGG Laser (iPlus by Biolase)
  • Closed-System Negative-Pressure Positive-Outflow Irrigation

3:30 Break with snacks in exhibit area

4:00 Session IV: MIE Obturation and Post-RCT Restoration

  • Conventional and bioceramic sealers
  • 3D Condensation Techniques
  • Air abrasion and etching pulp chambers and access cavities
  • Material and methods for creation of voidless, impervious coronal seals.

6:00 Reception in exhibit area with beverages and appetizers