Treatment Report Jun 5, 2020 (Title TBD)


Tooth Number: 3

Prognosis: Good 


20 Y/O RCT with retrofills in B root ends with recurrent lesion and fistula associated with the MB root.

Upon examining the fistula and the radiograph, I assumed the tooth would be lost twenty years after my retreatment. I later performed perio-probing and found a 1-2mm pocketing -- which indicated there was no disattachment of the soft tissues. This allowed for a reasonable prognosis in retreating the MB with a bio-ceramic retrofill to replace the failing silver alloy. An attached gingival flap was reflected, the lesion curetted, and the previous retrofill was replaced. Additionally, a bone graft was completed with a collagen membrane were completed prior to suturing the flap back. The replacement has the potential to last another 20 years.

MB with Lesion (above)

DB and P (above) 

P-O with Bioceramic (above)