What We Offer

Dental innovation occurs through gradual changes to fundamental techniques.  Occasionally, disruptive advancements undermine the status-quo and forever raise the bar of excellence in dentistry.

As dentists, every procedure we do is a prototype; all human teeth in a state of disease are alike but different, and in honoring those diversities we are constantly inventing, while regularly frustrated by the limitations of the tools and materials we use.  It is because of this irritation we consider how these tools and materials could be better – and so it begins.

Tools designed by dentists, for dentists, are the most efficient tools to use.  We focus on creating a quality experience for clinicians, rather than designing for minimal cost of manufacturing.  Perhaps most important is that the tool solves a genuine problem dentists face. 

While some innovations spring from a flash of genius, most result from a purposeful search for new opportunities1.  Successful innovation requires careful deconstruction of failures to redesign until the product works the way you hoped.

It is with these principles, 35 years’ experience, and over 22 U.S. and international patents, that I set out to design a unique series of dental instruments and curated product collections according to procedural step.

The Legacy Collection instruments feature a unique signature handle: large finger grips optimize clinical comfort and control; a narrow waist enables smooth twirling to quickly flip the instrument with ease; concentric rings provide an enhanced grip for gloved fingertips while the pattern enables simple cleansing of sticky dental materials.

The Buchanan Continuous Wave™ Pluggers and Buchanan Minimally Invasive Endo™ Pluggers have ISO color rings on either instrument end to indicate the plugger tip sizes at a glance, while the size is largely printed on the handle grips. 

In our pursuit to forever raise the bar of excellence in dentistry, we have expanded the DELabs Academy to offer several types of continuing education for clinicians according to your specific learning needs. 

The Art of Endodontics, a hands-on course at the DELabs Academy in Santa Barbara, CA, teaches participants fundamental concepts of conventional endodontics through pre-course print and media curricula and intensive hands-on practice using state-of-the-art dental instruments, products, and 3D TrueTooth® replicas. 

While the anatomy stays the same, technology is constantly changing.  LiveEndo provides clinicians the ability to watch and interact in real-time from anywhere in the world as I perform treatment on a patient in my demonstration theater.

Welcome to the legacy of dental excellence, DELabs.