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Case Study: 4.7mm Separated File in Mesial Root

Tooth Number: 30       Status: Partially Vital Pulp with Separated File in Mesial Root Prognosis: Good Notes: This was a difficult file separation...
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Case Study: Severe Root Curvatures with Multiple Lateral Canals

Tooth Number:  19        Pulp Status: Necrotic      Prognosis: Good Notes: This case was a challenge to treat due to the severe curvatures in...
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Case Study: Severe Internal Resorption Perforating the Root Surface

Tooth Number: 4           Prognosis: Fair to Good. Notes: I would not be as confident about the expected prognosis for this tooth if...
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Endodontic Shaping Procedures: The Past, Present, and Near Future

– by Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan, DDS, FICD, FACD September 1, 2015 When I write about the winding path endodontic shaping procedures...
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