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Buchanan Continuous Wave Hand Plugger – No. 2


The Buchanan Continuous Wave Hand Plugger – No. 2 features a tapered nickel-titanium (NiTi) end in size 40 and a stainless steel tapered end in size 90.  ISO color rings on either end indicate the tip size at a glance, while the size is largely printed on the handle grips.

These Buchanan Hand Pluggers have been designed for the modern dentist and can be used with any warm or cold obturation technique, including the Continuous Wave of Condensation.

While either end may condense and control the movement of gutta percha under pressure, the NiTi end can be used for condensing even the most radically curved canals.

The unique signature handle features large finger grips that optimize clinical comfort and control, the narrow waist enables smooth twirling to quickly flip the instrument with ease, and the concentric rings provide both an enhanced grip for gloved fingertips and simple cleansing of sticky dental materials.

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