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Mandibular Incisor 24-001


TrueTooth™ Mandibular Incisor Replica 24-001

Difficulty Factor: 1*


This mandibular incisor has an un-calcified pulp chamber allowing easy location during access procedures. The root and canal have a subtle S curve, the canal has significant buccal and lingual fin projections, and it has a small apical diameter of .18mm, making it a perfect starter tooth to demonstrate small canal shaping without serious curves or negotiating challenges.

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Pulp Chamber Size: Small Number of Roots: 1
Number of Canals: 1 Root Curvature: Slight S curve
Coronal Canal Curvature: Moderate S curve Coronal Canal Size: Large
Apical Canal Size: Small Fins: Fins Buccal – Large, Lingual – Large
* Difficulty Scale: 1 being the least difficult and 5 being the most difficult

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