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Mandibular Molar 19-002


This mandibular molar has moderate calcification in the pulp chamber. The roots and canals have subtle curvature, but the mesial canal system is highly complex. There is a third mesial canal that bifurcates just under the ML orifice, re-joining the ML and MB, just before exiting the root. Between the larger ML orifice and the smaller MB orifice, is another miniature orifice to a canal that heads apically for 1mm, hooks 90 degrees, and then exits directly into the furcation. The apical diameters range from .12mm in the MB2 to .28mm in the distal canal.

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Pulp Chamber Size: Medium Number of Roots: 2
Number of Canals: 4 Root Curvature: Slight
Coronal Canal Curvature: Slight Apical Canal Curvature: Slight
Coronal Canal Size: Distal – Large, Mesial – Small Apical Canal Size: Distal – Medium, Mesial – Small
Fins: Between 3 Mesial Canals Lateral Canals: -1 Furcation
Coronal Branching: Mesial, ML Coronal Impediments: Mesial, ML
Apical Confluence: Mesial, MB, ML
* Difficulty Scale: 1 being the least difficult and 5 being the most difficult

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