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Maxillary Molar 2-001


TrueTooth™ Maxillary Molar Replica 2-001

Difficulty Factor: 2*


This maxillary second molar is a good replica for training novice clinicians, as the roots and canals have little curvature and the canal system-from pulp horns to apical foramina−is large. The canals in this tooth have a wide range of apical diameters—from .25mm to .80mm, making it an excellent training replica for teaching apical management. The palatal canal (.80mm) is an excellent anatomic form for teaching MTA fills of large open apex canals.

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Pulp Chamber Size: Large Number of Roots: 3
Number of Canals: 3 Root Curvature: All Roots – Slight-Moderate
Coronal Canal Curvature: MB – Slight-Moderate, DB – Moderate-Severe Apical Canal Curvature: DB – Slight S Curve, MB – Moderate, Palatal – Very Slight
Coronal Canal Size: Large Apical Canal Size: Large
Fins: Small Fin in MB Canal Terminal Diameter: MB – .50mm, DB – .25mm, P – .80mm
* Difficulty Scale: 1 being the least difficult and 5 being the most difficult

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