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Maxillary Molar 3-001


TrueTooth™ Maxillary Molar Replica 3-001

Difficulty Factor: 4*


This is the quintessential four canal maxillary molar. The pulp chamber has moderate calcification. The MB2 canal has an apical terminus separate from the MB1 terminus, each of them communicating twice through mid-root isthmuses and ultimately bifurcating in their last 1-2mm’s, with a apical diameter of .22mm. The DB canal has a slight S curve and trifurcates in its final 3mm’s, with a apical diameter of .14mm. The palatal canal has a large apical diameter of .39mm, with a buccal kick as it exits and a lateral canal branching 1mm from length.

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Pulp Chamber Size: Large Number of Roots: 3
Number of Canals: 4 Root Curvature: Slight
Coronal Canal Curvature: MB1 – Severe, MB2 – Severe Apical Canal Curvature: MB1 – Slight, MB2 – Slight
Coronal Canal Size: Medium Apical Canal Size: DB , MB1, MB2 – Small,
Palatal – Medium
Fins: MB1, MB2 Apical Branching: DB – 2, MB1 – 1, MB2 – 1, Palatal – 1
Coronal Impediments: MB2 Apical Impediments: DB, MB1, MB2, Palatal
* Difficulty Scale: 1 being the least difficult and 5 being the most difficult

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