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Maxillary Premolar 5-001


TrueTooth™ Maxillary Premolar Replica 5-001

Difficulty Factor: 2*


This maxillary premolar exemplifies the simple two-rooted upper bicuspid. The pulp chamber extends 1.5mm coronal to the CEJ. The buccal pulp horn of the pulp chamber is 3mm under the occlusal surface and the lingual horn is 5mm away. The buccal canal has a slight to moderate curvature through its length and the lingual canal is nearly straight. The buccal canal has a small apical diameter of .15mm and the lingual canal has an apical diameter of .28mm, both of them relatively small.

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Pulp Chamber Size: Large Number of Roots: 2
Number of Canals: 2 Root Curvature: Slight
Coronal Canal Curvature: Slight Apical Canal Curvature: Slight
Coronal Canal Size: Medium Apical Canal Size: Small
* Difficulty Scale: 1 being the least difficult and 5 being the most difficult

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