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Prosthodontic Mandibular Molar 18-003P



Difficulty Factor: 2*

This tooth replica has been accessed and its canals have
been shaped to a 55-.08 in the distal and a 40-.06 shape in
the confluent mesial canals. As such, it is an excellent replica
to practice filling methods, as well as post-endodontic
restorative procedures, including post & core techniques. This
mandibular molar has a mesial root with a significant cervical bend at the junction of the coronal and middle thirds, along
with a slight mesial re-bend in the apical third. The distal root
is distally-angled in relation to the crown but the coronal file
path into the distal canal is quite straight. The canal within that root curves to the distal in its apical half.

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