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Terauchi File Retrieval Collection


The Terauchi File Retrieval Collection comes individually packaged with the items listed below to perform the Terauchi Method of file retrieval:


(1) Modified Gates Glidden #3 Bur (GG-3M) – Creates a staging preparation down to the file segments.
(1) Microtrephine Bur (TFRK-MT) – Makes a trough around the shank end of broken files.
(1) Microexplorer Instrument (TFRK-ME) – Features an extremely fine tip to explore the canal for broken files and impediments.
(2) Yoshi Loops (TFRK-L) – A revolutionary micro-lasso that captures broken file fragments.
(1) Gutta-Percha Removal (GPR) Instrument (TFRK-GPR) – Features barbs on the ends to engage filling material remnants during retreatment.
(1) Autoclavable Cassette (TFRK-CS) – Keeps kit components organized.
(1) TrueTooth™ (TT-BF) – 3D printed plastic replica tooth with 2 broken files.
(4) Customized ultrasonic tips that can be bent to accommodate canal curvature:

(2) Straight Ultrasonic Tip (TFRK-S)
(1) 6 O’clock Ultrasonic Tip (TFRK-6)
(1) 12 O’clock Ultrasonic Tip (TFRK-12)

(1) High Speed Polishing Points (HSPP) – Pack of (6). Designed to keep your Straight Ultrasonic Tip (TFRK-6) sharp before every procedure.

(1) GT 70.12 Rotary Files (GT70.12) – Pack of (6).  Used as an orifice opener to create a straight line of sight to the broken file segment.


*One instruments are placed in the included Autoclavable Cassette (TFRK-CS) they must be autoclaved before every use, in accordance to the instructions for use (included).


Dr. Terauchi’s step-by-step guide to performing the Terauchi Method of file retrieval:
The Terauchi Method – Video

View Instructions For Use: TFRKManual-15-spreads

Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing.



E-Threads Fit These Units: 610-XX

  • Satelec-Acteon
  • Adec (Satelec)
  • Vista P5
  • J. Morita
  • NSK
  • Dentsply/Tulsa
  • Sybron Endo
  • Hu-Friedy (S Series)
  • Obtura Spartan
  • EIE2

Additional information

Dimensions 8 × 4 × 3 in

M-Thread, E-Thread