TrueTooth #11
TrueTooth #11
TrueTooth #11
TrueTooth #11
TrueTooth #11
TrueTooth #11

TrueTooth #11

All of our 3d printed TrueJaw and TrueTooth products, along with our file retrieval and hand instruments are now sold through PlanB Dental. Please visit to learn more and to purchase.

TrueTooth #11-001 is great for beginners because the canal is large and relatively straight.  The receded pulp chamber is a challenge; however, it is within 2 mm's of the lingual surface.  Use this TrueTooth to practice mental imaging necessary for anterior access procedures, and to test shaping and gauging skills--obturation is only possible if shaping and irrigation are done correctly.

Sold in a pack of 5. Please allow 5-7 business days for order printing and processing.

No. of Roots No. of Canals Difficulty Factor
1 1 1.5
Root Curvature Very Slight Mesial
Apical Canal Curvature Very Slight Lingual
Pulp Chamber Size Large, but receded to the CEJ
Terminal Diameter 0.4 mm
Fins Buccal and Lingual
Lateral Canals 1 Large (.3 mm Diameter)
Apical Branching 2 mm from the Primary Canal Foramen
Instructions for Use 

TrueTooth 3D printed teeth are the exact reproduction of internal and external anatomy of extracted teeth.  TrueTooth teeth are created with special heat-resistant polymer, and proudly 3D printed in the USA.  Special handling is necessary to realize the maximum benefits of using TrueTooth.


  • Use handpieces at 1,000 RPM with no torque limit.
  • Ultrasonics are not ideal, but work best when used wet.


  • Negotiate as normal using a lubricant.


  • Use handpieces at normal RPM and torque settings.


  • Irrigate as normal using NaOCl in a syringe with a side-vent needle. TrueTooth canal tissue will dissolve after 40 minutes of irrigation, similar to vital teeth.


  • Continuous Wave or other heated obturation techniques: use heat pluggers at 175 degrees Celsius.
  • Carrier-based obturation: obturate as normal.


  • Use the shortest exposure time and the lowest KVP. After radiographing, lighten and sharpen image on screen for optimum viewing.

Helpful Tip:

  • Use alcohol on outer surface of TrueTooth during procedure for optimum visibility. Alcohol can be used in place of NaOCl.