Focusing on all anatomy, including molars

WORK CLOSELY WITH DR. BUCHANAN in his two-day limited attendance laboratory course. Self-paced exercises and one-on-one coaching enable participants to rain-up from fundamental concepts to complex case strategies, regardless of their specific experiences and skill levels. Watch, learn, and perform the clinical bookends of the GentleWave® Procedure: access and negotiation to bio-ceramic sealer and Continuous Wave of Condensation obturation.

During the course watch Dr. Buchanan perform root canal therapy on a patient in his demonstration theater. This working operatory contains the most advanced computer imaging tools used in dentistry, including a 3D ‘heads up’ camera on the operating microscope enlarged to 16x linked to a 6-foot television monitor, enabling clinicians to view every demonstrated aspect of the procedure from the beginning to end in 3D imaging.

Course Objectives
This in-depth, hands-on course is appropriate for both users and prospects of the GentleWave® Procedure. If you are a newly practicing clinician or a seasoned veteran, you will leave this course with newfound and useful skills to implement upon your return to your practice. Upon completion, the participating clinician should understand:

  • Access: How to create ideal access form – not endless access openings – and eliminate cervically-positioned curvature
  • Negotiation and apical gauging techniques with standard K-files
    Apex locator usage and the importance of using an Apex Locator 100% of the time
  • The safe and efficient use of rotary nickel-titanium files: advantages and pitfalls
  • Crown-down shaping techniques with GT Series X (GTX) rotary files, including file selection for all canal morphology
  • Techniques for difficult canals with impediments, using pre-bent K-Files and GT Hand Files
  • The importance of lubricants, irrigants and chelating agents for negotiation, cleaning efficacy and smear layer removal
  • The broad spectrum acoustic energy of Multisonic Ultracleaning®™ with the Gentlewave System that helps to remove the tissue and bacteria, with minimal instrumentation
  • How to utilize the Gentlewave System for a higher standard of clean and its role in minimally invasive endodontics
  • Uncovering impenetrable and undiscovered anatomy with Gentlewave ultracleaning techniques
  • Techniques to remove bacteria and biofilm from complex anatomies during single-visit endo
  • Higher practice efficiency with a heightened level of clinical efficacy
  • Centered-compaction obturation techniques including proper selection of gutta percha, paper points, and GTX obturators
  • Bio-ceramic sealer techniques – that can be used with or without hydrolic condensation, including use with warm vertical or Continuous Wave obturation methods
  • Downpakcing and backfill with the Elements Free heat source using the Continuous Wave of Condensation technique
  • Carrier-based obturation

Tuition includes two full days of instruction, comprehensive manual, pre-course videos and access to a case report library.

Complete armamentarium is provided including Global Microscopes, Acteon Newton B-LED Ultrasonics, Kavo High-Speed Handpieces, Rotary and Hand Files of Greater Taper, Slow-Speed Torque-control Rotary Handpieces, GentleWave® Systems, Elements Free Obturation Units, Brasseler BC Sealer Hiflow, GTX Obturators, Gendex and Nomad Digital Radiography, and all necessary instruments and disposables.

Unlimited TrueTooth® training replica teeth and a limited supply of extracted teeth are supplied for your use throughout the course. You may also choose to bring additional extracted teeth; we recommend including an assortment of anteriors, cuspids, bicuspids, and molars.

Dental Education Laboratories is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider. The Art of GentleWave® Procedure course provides 16 participation Continuing Education credits with an optional 2 home-study credits.

A continental breakfast will be served at 8:30 AM on both days of the course, with instruction beginning at 9:00 AM. A catered lunch is provided on both days of the course and a dinner sponsored by Sonendo® will be held at Opal Restaurant on Thursday evening at 5:45 PM. The course will conclude on Friday at 5:00 PM.

A detailed schedule and travel recommendations, along with a recommended activity guide for traveling companions, will be provided upon sign up.

For additional information about the course, including travel recommendations and the refund/cancellation policy, please visit FAQ. If you are in need of additional assistance or furthered information contact Katie Dettamanti at (800) 528-1590 or katie@endobuchanan.com.

Instructor: Dr. Stephen Buchanan Bio