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Entrance Ultrasonic Troughing for MB2 Hunting 7 85

Entrance Ultrasonic Troughing for MB2 Hunting 7 85

DR. L. STEPHEN BUCHANAN: Ultrasonics magnification are the ultimate weapons in calcified canal cases. In molars, I would not do molars without those two tools. This is a very calcified pulp chamber. We have calc- — attached denticle. Attached denticle. You’ll see here how the vibration from the ultrasonics literally pops them off the pulp chamber floor and the pulp chamber walls, lateral walls. And, basically, I’m heading downward until I can see a uniformly gray dentin material. That’s the typical color. There we see it, of pulp chamber floor. And there’s an explorer in the distal buccal canal. Distal buccal canal. Very centered in the tooth. Very much under the central fossa of the occlusal surface. The palatal canal, still obliterated by calcification. Here comes the BUC 1 Spartan tip. And I’m basically going to cut through it and around it. I know that’s a pulp stone over the palatable orifice because the darker gray pulp chamber material ends right there. And we see a lighter colored material that is less organized and solid than the dentin around it. This is a great view of the pulp chamber floor. We do see an even gray color in the mesial and mesiopalatal. And we see the different color of dentin on top of it. And that — the intersection there is where we’re going to find the MB2, because the curve, almost 90 degrees sometimes, as they come into the pulp chamber, so we cut that back. We use a round instrument to make that trough. And that’s the process.