Santa Barbara Workshop FAQ

Does Dr. Buchanan teach molar endo in “The Art of Endodontics 2-Day Laboratory Course”?

Yes. Dr. Buchanan’s “The Art of Endodontics 2-Day Laboratory Course” focuses on all anatomy including molars.

What is provided in the course?

Everything you need, except extracted teeth, will be supplied for your use during the course. These products in include: global Microscopes, Spartan Ultrasonics, High-speed Handpieces, Rotary and Hand Files of Greater Taper, Slow-Speed Torque-control Rotary Handpieces, Elements Obturation Units, GTX Obturators, Gendex Digital Radiography, and all of the necessary instruments and disposables.

What time does the course end on the second day?

The course generally dismisses at 5:30pm; however, please be advised when planning your travel arrangements, Dr. Buchanan holds a Q&A session at the end of the course and this can sometimes fluctuate the dismissal time.

How many extracted teeth do we need to bring to the course?

Bring as many extracted teeth as you can. You will fill at least 10 canals during the duration of the course. Dr. Buchanan suggests you bring at least two anterior and/or bi-cuspid teeth and two or more molars.

How do I sterilize the extracted teeth?

You can either soak the extracted teeth for one week in formalin or 40-minute autoclave cycle at 240 degrees and 20psi.

After this, you can move the teeth to a container of water with just a few drops of bleach. Change the water about once a week so it doesn’t start to stink.

How do I travel with the extracted teeth?

Wrap the extracted teeth in a damp paper towel and place them in a zip-lock baggie. This will pass TSA guidelines at the airport. It is usually less of a hassle to pack them in check-in luggage.

How many continuing education (CE) credits will I receive for the course?

You will receive 16 participation CE credits; with the option of receiving 2 additional CE credits.

How do I receive my pre-course materials?

Your pre-course materials will be shipped to you 5 weeks before your course date.

Which airport do I fly in to?

Santa Barbara Municipal Airport (SBA) (http://www.santabarbaraca.gov/gov/depts/flysba/default.asp) is approximately 20 miles north of Dr. Buchanan’s teaching facility.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) (http://www.lawa.org/welcomeLAX.aspx) is approximately 100 miles south of Dr. Buchanan’s teaching facility, which is usually a 2-hour drive. There is a SBA Airbus that shuttles several times per day between LAX and SBA.

What accommodations do you recommend I stay at?

A few of our favorites WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE:

La Quinta Inn & Suites (805) 966-0807

Upham Hotel (805) 962-0058

A few of our favorites AT THE BEACH:

Hyatt Santa Barbara (805) 882-1234

Fess Parker’s Double Tree Resort (800) 879-2929

A few of our favorites DOWNTOWN SANTA BARBARA:

Holiday Inn Express Hotel Virginia (800) 549-1700

Hotel Santa Barbara (805) 957-9300

Please click this link to be directed to a more detailed list of accommodations throughout Santa Barbara: